In case you missed Part 1 and Part 2 circle back on those to see why I plan to enjoy conversations, mindfulness, fat burn efficiency, better sleep, plyometrics and more. I know you're surprised that Kanye West's new Yeezy Season 3 album didn't make the list of things I plan to enjoy in Part 1 & 2 so read on to see if it made the list in Part 3 of the things I plan to enjoy in 2016:

9. writing

Writing reminds me of training/fitness in the sense that the more consistent you are, the better your chances are of seeing results. Anne Lamott highlighted the value of consistency in her book Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life - "So much of writing is about sitting down and doing it every day." I love that because if you substitute the words "fitness", "training" or "lifting weights" for the word "writing" it still makes perfect sense. I say this often - one of the secrets to getting more fit, bigger, stronger, faster etc. is the willingness to show up day after day and do the reps. 

Like fitness/training efforts, writing is time consuming, tedious and freakin' hard! So why would I be looking forward to writing more in 2016? Simple - if you're writing, you're learning. I'm not saying everyone needs to get a blog going but if you want to learn, grow and stay current within your industry challenge yourself to write more. 

10. keeping toxic oils at bay

I've railed against villainous oils (corn, canola, soy, vegetable & co.) plenty in the past but I want to caution you not to get all-consumed in feeling like a single drop of any of these oils is going to cause you to spontaneously combust. I'm not backing off of my stance on how important it is to avoid them. Even a single meal fried in or cooked with the wrong oils can wreak havoc on inflammation levels and tissue health. You may have noticed that your joints, tendons, ligaments or body parts feel stiff, achey, painful, hot, or generally uncomfortable within minutes or hours of a meal or snack heavy in bad oils.

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My point is that accumulating years of chronic consumption is what appears to be most dangerous to the structures and tissues of your body including tendons, ligaments, muscles and arterial walls. As long as you know what oils to look for, where to look for them and how to avoid them on a regular basis, you have the tools to avert these bad guys and you won't accumulate years of chronic consumption. Do your best as often as you can and don't panic when you have a snack or a meal that you know has some bad oils in it - just get right back on track with the next food choice you make. 

BONUS - Here are a few products that I rely on to help me keep toxic oils at bay: 

11. evidence based evidence

When it comes to supplements and nutrition it's hard to know which end is up! Just when you think you know the truth behind something, it seems to change according to the news or a new study. If you've ever just thrown your hands in the air in frustration and said "I give up," you're not alone. When I'm baffled about what the full body of research suggests on a supplement or nutrition topic one of my go-to resources is They provide independent analysis of the tangled webs of research that exist around specific supplement and nutrition topics like:

  • If detoxes are as awesome as they're marketed to be
  • If eggs are healthy for you
  • Which supplements are a waste of money
  • Or more...

I'm looking forward to more great supplement/nutrition answers and content from these guys in 2016!

12. hot ham water

Yup I plan to enjoy more hot ham water in 2016! Depending on who you ask, the bone broth craze is no more than people getting duped over "hot ham water." Obviously I believe that bone broth is much more than hot ham water and I've been more than happy to defend the benefits of bone broth. My wife makes the stuff regularly and we even order backup supplies to our doorstep from our friends at Bare Bones Broth. Personally, you won't find me booting my morning coffee out of the way to sip on broth but if you think cooking more regularly with bone broth in your recipes is a waste of time, then you can put your face in my soup and blow. 

If you're wondering how to make bone broth or how to make your favorite recipes better with it check out the new Bare Bones Broth Cookbook

Stay tuned for the final Part 4 of what I plan to enjoy in 2016...


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Tim DiFrancesco, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS is the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers and founder of TD Athletes Edge.  He is nationally renowned for his evidence-based and scientific approach to fitness, training, nutrition, and recovery for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

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