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There seems to be confusion about how to best prepare for the sport of basketball. Basketball requires speed, agility, change of direction, the skills of jumping, landing, accelerating and decelerating just for starters. Let’s not forget you need to be strong, take a hit, give a hit and have great endurance to be ready for the 4th quarter. This is a lot for a player to be physically prepared for. You can have all of the skills in the world but without being prepared for the rigors of this game you may find yourself sidelined by nagging injury, poor performance or both.

I created this 12-week basketball strength & conditioning program to share the 15+ years experience I have helping elite basketball players prepare for the game. I want you to be healthier, I want you to be stronger and I want you to be more prepared for the court than you’ve ever been so you can finally get the edge on your competition.

What you will get from the TDAE Basketball Strong Program:

  • 12 total weeks of basketball specific strength & conditioning programming.

  • The 12 week program is divided into 3 progressive phases. Each phase is 4 weeks in length.

  • Over 100 exercises and variations focused on better physical performance and durability on the court.

  • Demonstration based videos for each exercise within the program.

  • Easy to follow spreadsheets to document and track your progress.

  • 2 basketball specific conditioning drills to improve on-court capacity and endurance.

  • This program will target the following key areas of movement and performance for any basketball player:

    • Ankle mobility and stability

    • Lower body balance and proprioception

    • Strength to support knee health and performance

    • Hip mobility and power

    • Vertical jump and landing performance

    • Speed and deceleration performance

    • Agility and change of direction

    • Core strength and endurance

    • Total body strength, power, and explosiveness

    • Upper body strength, power, and mobility

    • Strengthening of critical load-bearing muscles, tendons, and ligaments

    • Basketball specific endurance and cardiovascular capacity