What's great about this program?

With the support of TD Athletes Edge Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching, you’ll learn how to:

  • Eat better, without counting calories, points, or meticulously measuring your food.

  • Make progress, without riding the ups and downs of the exhausting yo-yo diet roller coaster.

  • Ditch the arbitrary black and white food rules, learn to listen to your body, tune into how different foods make you feel, and dig deeper to become aware of your hunger and fullness cues.

  • Achieve and maintain your goals through daily actions, as you learn how to navigate consistency with your habits despite the inevitable curve balls that life will throw at you.

The result? You’ll:

  • Finally transform your body the way you've wanted to for years.

  • Let go of confusing food rules, and instead learn to trust yourself with what to do and how to do it.

  • Learn how to manage stress and feel more confident in your body from the inside out.

  • Ditch the yo-yo diets, once and for all, and never look back.

Seriously, imagine living your life...

feeling physically and mentally strong, capable of taking on any challenge without worrying that your energy levels, physique, or eating habits will get in the way.

keeping up with your kids, or grandkids, without feeling achy, winded or exhausted.

...practicing a balanced approach to eating from which you don’t feel the need to take a break, instead of feeling like you’re either on or off “the wagon”.

posing proudly for pictures without feeling like you don't recognize yourself.

Truly, this life is waiting for you.



We know: life is busy most of the time.  You're not alone in this.

Juggling work, a household, school, caregiving, athletics, and throw in there whatever other surprises life holds and things get complicated quickly.  That seldom changes.

Which is exactly why our approach is different.

Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching teaches you how to make healthy living fit in your life, regardless of how crazy things get.

Our approach, fueled by Precision Nutrition's ProCoach software and curriculum, has worked for thousands of clients who have achieved incredible results, lost hundreds of thousands of pounds, and gained so much more in return.

The curriculum is built in a way that it suits your worst days, not those rare best days when you have plenty of time to exercise and then an hour to make each meal from scratch. You know those worst days when you're putting out fires all day at work, or maybe you're exhausted from school, or your kids are melting down and then the refrigerator dies?  Regardless of your situation, we all have days like this when the stress piles up and we don't have hours to give to managing our health and nutrition.

Instead of berating you, asking you to suck it up and tough it out, or suggesting that you won't get the results you seek if you don't want it badly enough, we take a compassionate approach here at TDAE.  We focus on progress, not perfection, through small actionable changes that add up to big results over time with consistency and dedication.

We do this through education, reflection, action, and accountability.  This year long (or 6 month option) lifestyle nutrition program focuses on developing sustainable nutrition and lifestyle habits through daily small actions and supplemental lessons you can listen to or read which support the habit you're working on for a two week period. Some lessons have follow-up questions that get submitted to your coach and saved in your own online journal.  You check in daily online to report if you took action on your habit, read messages from your TDAE coach, or record your optional body measurements and other progress markers every 2-4 weeks. These metrics are tracked and you and your coach are able to see all the lessons you’ve read, habits you’ve tracked, and measurements you’ve recorded.

Your coach reviews your insights, progress, and consistency.  This allows us to give feedback and support your responses, make adjustments, celebrate your successes, and make sure that the habit is scaled to your ability.  

The outcome? You’ll develop the habits, tools, and skills needed to permanently transform your eating habits so that you feel better from the inside out.

Hear what clients just like you have been saying about this online nutrition coaching program: 

This program has been awesome. I’m exactly where I wanted to be when I started! I feel great and I’m back to enjoying physical activity. I’m running again! I’m enjoying being outside for walks without feeling winded or tired. We took an impromptu 18 mile bike ride yesterday! The biggest thing is I’m not afraid to try to get into my kayak. Last year I was convinced I wouldn’t fit. This year I’ve checked the tide charts for the summer months and we have two trips planned!
— Meghan
I would say that, for me, having a plan to follow, especially such a supportive plan, has been the most helpful part. I knew a lot of stuff that I SHOULD be doing, I’ve done plenty of research. So for me, it wasn’t that I was lacking the information I needed to be successful, but I didn’t really have a structured path to follow. This breaks it down into doable pieces that help me feel really successful.

I don’t feel as overwhelmed as I used to when I tried to change ALL THE THINGS. And I have helpful tools that I can fall back on when I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I find the advice to be easy to understand and easy to follow, and so realistic. The lessons read to me like they come from someone who’s been there before, and they always help me feel understood.
— Amanda
What I really love about this program is that it’s not “eat this, don’t eat that.” It allows me to address my relationship with food, one manageable step at a time. Other programs stress slow eating but more as a directive rather than a process. By building in self-reflection through lessons and focusing on habits, I’ve been able to slow down, plan ahead, and take stock of what I’m eating and WHY I’m eating. This isn’t about following a checklist of approved foods. It’s growth and discovery for myself as a mom, wife, sister, friend, teacher, daughter, and team member with a group of supportive women, led by an amazing coach!

I feel good about my mindset....Instead of resisting or abandoning the program when things aren’t “perfect” I’ve learned to recalibrate and work on doing one thing better for the next meal. I’ve learned that it’s the simple habits that I can return to that make the difference, and I do feel the difference in my anxiety, attitude, and approach.
— Meg
As always, thank you so much for your thoughtful and supportive responses. The lessons are great but communicating with you on these things is what makes this program worth it.

I am happy to say that some of the more important habits are sticking. The food I buy and cook, or order out has improved dramatically. I have a sleep routine for the first time in my life, and even my friends who are not part of this program are starting to follow along with the better food choices
— Katie
Right now I am doing nutrition coaching because it has given me the tools I need to be the healthiest that I can be at my age (66).

Being healthy is my key to a happy life. I feel years younger than my actual age.

I am able to live an active lifestyle without any major health problems. I look around at people my age and am surprised at how unhealthy and unhappy many of them are. It’s like they have given up living a joyful life and are resigned to being old.

I am in control of making the best choices for myself in any situation. Take food as an example. I am mindful of what I choose to eat, how I eat it, and why I am eating it. I am not tied to a “diet” that tells me what to do. Every day I can choose what is the best for me.
— Chris
Growing up I was always involved in sports and was pretty lean. Like many kids that grew up in the 90s/2000s my family didn’t particularly focus on nutrition and most of our dinners came out of a box! I never minded as I liked the way I looked.

As I moved into my late twenties my lack-of-healthy nutrition habits caught up with me and for the last 5-6 years I’ve felt like I’ve gained weight and often pick a convenient meal instead of a nutritious meal. It got to the point where, when I closed my eyes and pictured myself, I pictured myself an overweight adult instead of a lean adult - which is never how I felt before! I see many friends on Facebook who are very healthy - eat right, work out all the time - but it always felt very unattainable for me! I never had the time or desire to learn about nutrition and my work out efforts were often event-based and not sustainable.

[This coaching program] has offered an attainable, sustainable and thoughtful way to attain a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just about losing weight - it’s about acquiring the tools and knowledge to feel like my best self.... forever! The program teaches you that nutrition and fitness is not an ‘all or nothing’ proposition - it’s about wiping the slate clean, finding self forgiveness and consistently being better than what they call your “zero” level.
— Meaghan
I really appreciate your detailed, personalized, very helpful responses to my answers/owner’s manual. Can’t say that enough!

PS- I have been meaning to tell you that I have been having a very busy, kind of stressful couple of months with the election coming and my volunteer work, plus regular work and trying to de-clutter the house. In the old days, I think I would have given up on trying to maintain a good diet and keeping up with exercise. But now, even though I can’t tell you my meals have been excellent, I have not devolved to muffins & donuts for breakfast and no exercise. I am so much more able to see the big picture and just keep moving on. Also, not that I judge by the scale, but my weight has been trending down over the year...
— Judith

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