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I hadn't been to a gym in about 15 years. I needed to make time in my schedule and commit to training.

I can't overstate how helpful the staff at TD Athletes Edge has been. They are a committed, focused, and caring team. I have been working out there for 5 months now twice a week. The program(s) (program is enhanced each month) that they designed have alleviated all of my aches and pains.

Physically I feel very good. My shoulder is 90% better and I barely notice it anymore. Same for my tennis elbow. The chronic pain in my right hamstring is gone completely. If I feel it tighten, I now know what to do to loosen it up properly.



I began a new "lifestyle" journey just before joining TD Athletes Edge. When I was first introduced to the gym my primary goals were to lose weight and get back into a regular exercise routine. I have always struggled with my weight and always felt self conscious and uncomfortable in gym environments and staying motivated despite being an athlete all my life. I always made excuses or let minor injuries derail any progress I made.

From day 1 I knew TD Athletes edge was not just a typical gym. It is the most welcoming, inclusive, supportive and positive fitness environment I have ever been a part of. It's encouraging to be cheered on not only by the coaches but by other members when doing a sled push, running or performing a particularly difficult exercise. When I hurt my knee outside of the gym, Jess and the team worked hard to revamp my programs to rehab and strengthen my knee. I'm so appreciative of the effort and attention put in to my programs to ensure my knee was getting stronger.

While my weight loss has been consistent since joining TD Athletes for the first time in my life I have come to the realization that losing weight isn't necessarily the most important goal to strive for. I have found a new love and appreciation for fitness in my life and I know that wouldn't have happened without the truly amazing team at TD Athletes Edge!


My original goal when I first started was to get some help with some knee pain that I had developed in my left knee. I love to workout and I have been doing it frequently for the past 15 years. I’ve run half marathons, I’ve strength trained consistently and I love to push myself. When I started to get the pain in my knee it started to limit the things that I love to do. I was very frustrated. 

I saw two different physical therapists and I had no luck with them correcting my pain. I could no longer do the things that I loved to do. I couldn’t squat, lunge, deadlift or even jump. Just squatting with 25lbs hurt my knee. My primary goal when I first spoke to Tim was to fix my knee pain and get back to the things that I liked to do.

I really can’t believe that I am able to squat pain free again. I really thought that I was never going to do that again. Having seen two PT’s before seeing Tim really made me feel like the pain was never going away. With Tim’s guidance I am squat heavy weights, I am deadlifting, lunging and jumping all pain FREE! Thank you guys.


My reason for coming to TD Athletes Edge was very specific - to (hopefully) find a training solution that would allow me to get back on the tennis court, consistently and competitively.

I played tennis through college, and for many years after, with a torn ACL. A knee brace and staying in shape had been enough to keep me on the court for a while. But over the years the wear and tear on my knee led to a steady mix of Synvisc, Orthovisc, & cortisone injections as a means to attempt to keep playing. As my movement on court suffered, calf strains and other nagging injuries become frustrating, recurring events. Injections, workouts, different braces...no matter what I tried it seemed I couldn't stop - or even slow down - the steady decline.

With a very considered, progressive program tailored to my challenges, my training with TD Athletes Edge has impacted more than I could have ever imagined. When I first started, I would have been happy getting rid of the calf strains and just moving a bit better. But with workouts that have isolated and strengthened weak points, and improved my overall strength & fitness, I'm able to move and play at a level I thought I'd never experience again. And, without the need for all the injections.



My goal was to work on strength to prevent injury and maybe help deal with my nagging “injuries” or issues. As an endurance athlete I put my body through so much, I really need to focus on things other than swimming, biking and running so I can keep doing this sport I love. While injuries come and go, I had a nagging heel/Achilles issue that was preventing me from running, occasional hamstring and sciatica issues that were annoying and uncomfortable. But a big obstacle was not knowing what to do or even where to begin, and also not cause any more issues!

Tim’s PT background was one of the things that attracted me to TDAE. Then to see how knowledgeable the rest of the staff was, I knew I was working with great people. The encouragement of the staff is awesome, they make me feel invincible....and more than that, they feel like family.

I have been pleasantly surprised at how easy the program has been and between that and strength training I have lost almost 10 lbs and 12 inches. I feel amazing! I notice the benefit of my increased strength in my endurance training. I love the changes in the appearance of my body, I am leaner and stronger and seeing muscles I didn’t know were there! I love the change in how my clothes fit though now I need to buy a smaller size! I am more confident and am becoming so much more comfortable with how I look.



My goals included decreasing hip pain and preventing injuries as I continue to pursue endurance sports.

The TD coaches are amazing. Their watchful eyes will keep you honest with your form and fine tune your mechanics to get the results you want and avoid injuries as you progress through each phase. The dynamic of the team is fun but focused. My other favorite part of going to my workouts is the other TD members. There is something magical about having the diversity present within the gym - all ages and levels of strength are evident within the community.

I am a physical therapist who has done consistent strength for over a decade. For the first time in my life I have built up my strength to the point where I do not need to get on a foam roller. I have ramped up my training and I do not have any aches or pains. I am forever thankful for the progression of my program every phase. My body continues to respond to the new challenges and I feel invincible.

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When I first met Tim, I had recently “graduated” hospital physical therapy for ACL reconstruction. My physical therapist at MGH helped me regain basic functioning, but when I left her program I could barely walk downstairs, let alone jump or move in an athletic way.

The biggest obstacle I faced before starting at TD Athletes was the lack of a useful or strategic program. The generic program I used with my hospital physical therapist got me only so far, and then when I left that program I had no meaningful plan. I am a hard worker, but I had no idea how to help myself. I also faced an even more challenging obstacle: fear. I was scared to hurt myself again and I approached each exercise with trepidation. Quickly, it became clear to me that Tim and the team were re-teaching my body how to move safely, and my fear went away, never to return.

My favorite thing about everyone at TD Athletes is that they do exactly what they promise. You want to regain strength to ski? No problem. You want to get strong enough to pivot and cut again so you can play sports with your kids? We can do that. You want to start running races? We can get you there. There was never ever an ounce of uncertainty or doubt from anyone, which shocked me because I’d heard a lot of “Well, you’ll never be the same” from people along the way after my injury. More importantly, the coaches design really smart and progressive programs that always challenge me in new ways, and they always seem to know just how much to help and when to let me tackle an exercise on my own. I truly love this team and everyone who finds their way to TD Athletes becomes part of the gym family because we all understand how lucky we are to have found the solution to whatever was stopping us from the success we desire.


I've been competing in triathlon for 10 years, this year will be my 6th year at the Iron distance. I had been putting a lot of stress on my body and at the age of 45 I felt somewhat broken, I didn't feel as strong as I did in my 30s and I was suffering nagging injuries that were constantly popping up, mostly during my runs.

I think the hardest thing for me was that I had to accept that my 40 year old body was much different from my 30 year old body. However, the staff at TD gave me the confidence that I needed to believe l could still be competitive well into my 40s and 50s. I just needed a structured plan!

The structured strength and conditioning plan that was created for me has helped me feel stronger than I have felt in years! I no longer have low back pain on the bike or while I'm swimming and when I do my warm-up and cool-down exercises prescribed by the TD coaches my runs started to feel good again!




My goals when I began training at TD were prevent injury, get in shape for field hockey season/life, and build more muscle. A few months in I experienced a back injury that was limiting and required me to take some time off from field hockey and training.

My coaching at TD Athletes Edge has been incredibly helpful. They have helped me to strengthen both my back and my knee to reduce pain and prevent my injuries from worsening. I have been training with TD for almost a year now and I have noticed some serious changes in my life and athletic ability. My physical strength and balance have improved immensely. In addition, not only have my previous injuries gotten much better, but I have noticed that I have been getting injured much less while running and weightlifting. I have also noticed that I have been recovering much faster from workouts which has been incredibly helpful for my training.

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“Age for me is the mileage on my body." That's how quirky race director Lazarus Lake puts it. And by that measure, I've been trying to get old for decades. When I was 27, I trained for my first marathon. I injured my lower leg four weeks before race day and missed the event. Undeterred, I trained for three more marathons over the next five years, but was sidelined with injury each time. Eventually, I gave up on marathons and targeted shorter events. In my 30s, I raced half-marathons and eventually fell in love with Olympic distance triathlons. At these distances, I was healthy on race day, yet I still struggled with calf muscle and hamstring injuries at least twice a year. Injuries that I could not prevent, despite trying all possible combinations of foam rollers, stretches and running shoe technology.

When I was 47, I started training with TDAE. They immediately identified the strength imbalances that were leading to injury. They developed a personalized plan that, to be honest, I thought was too easy (resistance bands? Seriously??). But I had decided to take another shot at longer distances--I was training for my first Ironman--and I knew I needed something different to stay healthy. To my pleasant surprise, as the training miles piled up, I did not get injured. I raced my first Ironman after 8 months of training with TDAE, completing my first ever marathon in the process. Later that year, I ran my first stand-alone marathon, again, without injury.

I am confident that TDAE prevented the running injuries that plagued me for decades. I continue to tack on miles as I train for my second Ironman. After over a year at TDAE, I find myself not only injury free but stronger and faster. At age 48, I'm setting personal bests in half marathons and cycling wattage. 

But 48 just measures years. If you measure my age in mileage, well thanks to TDAE, I'm getting really friggin' old.


TD Athletes Edge is more than a gym. It is a community. They know everyone by name. Everyone is smiling, and the music is excellent.

Tim, Angela, Matt, Jessica, and Ryan have created such a positive environment that anyone can thrive here regardless of their fitness level at the start. They start with an interview and assessment which focuses on your goals and physical capabilities. They then provide a customized plan that leads down the path to creating a “fitter you”. 

I feel I have made more gains with these guys in 3 months than I had made in the previous 3 years on my own. You will improve your fitness level at TDAE whether you have never worked out before, you are a weekend warrior, or you are a world class athlete. 

I love this place!

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My biggest obstacle was myself. I had excuses day after day in my head. I realized that for things to change I had to change. The excuses were all the same things that probably everyone else said to themselves such as “ I’m too hurt to start”, “It’s too cold out”, It’s too expensive, “ I have no time”, blah blah blah...

Well I feel like the commitment that I made to myself with the structure and the positive motivation and the outcome assessments made with the staff has helped me overcome the obstacles. I noticed that if I prepaid for the year upfront then I would be committed to making my sessions and there wouldn’t be an opportunity for excuses to happen. I couldn’t say to myself, I’m tired, it’s raining or snowing out etc , I don’t feel like going. I just stuck to my treatment plan.

I have lost 15 pounds and tripled my strength in 9 months - legit facts! I have more energy and confidence in myself and I am a more positive person and people around me notice that as well.


When I started training at TD I simply wanted to be strong. I had no idea where to begin, and as a result I was stuck. I started with TD to get guidance, direction, and motivation on my journey to get strong.

The positive energy, continuous support, patience, and “tough love” on behalf of the entire TD team prevented me from letting my self doubt stop me. Whenever I hit a wall, there was always somebody there with a smile on their face to encourage me to keep pushing.

My time at TD elevated my athletic performance, made me a faster runner with improved endurance, and enabled me to accomplish my goals (PRing in a half marathon and completing a triathlon). However the benefits were not just physical: being strong has given me a new confidence and shifted my mindset away from “I can’t”.


I began training with TD Athlete's Edge because back pain forced me to give up golf, and knee pain was making skiing difficult. (I've had 5 surgeries/procedures on one of my knees). I was hoping to golf again and to improve my ability to ski the terrain I wanted to ski.

Previously, I would work out and get injured because I wasn't pacing myself properly, or because my form was incorrect. The injuries only served to set me back further. 

My knee did not track properly, meaning I would experience significant knee pain shortly during exercise.

Tim and the entire crew at TD Athletes Edge properly analyzed my abilities and limits, set a gradual pace that enabled me to gain strength while staying healthy, and when I went a little too far too fast they made adjustments that allowed me to progress without injury. The mix of exercises they prescribed strengthened the muscles need for the activities I enjoy.

When I started working with TDAE I could hardly do 1 split squat. Now, about a year later, I've done thousands of squats. It took time to get here, but their gradual approach has transformed my body.

I'm enjoying pain free golf again. This is a big improvement from last summer when I couldn't even play 9 holes due to back pain. My core is much stronger, my back is much stronger, and my confidence has improved so I swing without hesitation. 

I also enjoyed a great winter, skiing 37 days. In the past, knee pain would limit the number of consecutive days I could ski, and the type of skiing I could do. This season those limitations were non-existent. I became stronger as the season progressed, and knee pain became less. I was able to ski off-trail steeps again with confidence.

Overall, I feel much healthier and stronger. I've lost 15 pounds, and can walk for hours without knee pain.



I have always been dealing with overuse injuries from triathlon. To be able to develop and fine tune my weaknesses was exactly what I needed. Some of the obstacles I had were starting from the beginning and consistency. By starting…with the basics, I was able to see the progression on how to build the strong base that is needed to further develop the proper mechanics that carry over to sports. Staying consistent and committed are the two main things that I am focusing on to help me in everyday life.



(My goal was to) develop an organized and focused strength training program that allowed for recovery from injury, development of flexibility and strength and creation of a logical method to forestall the affects of aging. I had a long history of competing in triathlon and long distance biking, which came to an abrupt halt with an achilles injury. My goal was to get back to my pre I jury level of fitness.

I had recently moved and no longer had a membership at my former gym in Boston. It was clear that a generic training program offered at other gyms in the Marblehead area was not going to work for me. I was also limited in my ability to self train. I would do the workouts I felt comfortable doing, and not doing the workouts that I didn't like, resulting in creating even greater imbalances in my body versus developing uniform strength.

TD coaching is both pro active and reactive. the proactive component starts at the evaluation and continues through every session, basically anticipating a logical progression of correcting weaknesses and imbalances while developing necessary strengthened flexibility on a constant basis. The reactive component responds quickly and thoughtfully to injuries, illness and the normal setbacks of life. Enough positive emphasis cannot be placed on the TD multi coach system. The traditional training program has one trainer per client and relies 100% on that trainers ability, perception and skill. The TD multi trainer platform allows for dialog between the trainers, creating a better and more focused experience for the client and eliminating single trainer prejudice.

I feel that my body has become more balanced, that the whole"system" is working together as one. I have also recovered significantly from a serious achilles injury, to the point where I am running 15 to 20 miles per week and hope to compete in a half marathon this fall. I am taking more ownership of my fitness and feel confident doing self directed workouts while away from the area.