TDAE LIFESTYLE Nutrition Coaching


What is TDAE Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching?

This convenient habit based, completely online, nutrition coaching program is designed to totally transform your habits, lifestyle, and the mindset behind your choices and decisions so that you can life a fit and healthy life with ease, forever, not just for 30 days.

How much time each day does this require?

Most daily reflections take 5-10 minutes to listen to or read. Some reflections have questions at the end to answer, and those answers get sent to your TDAE coach who reads and responds to them.

Additional time is required weekly to plan ahead and daily to practice the habits. Education and information are wonderful but futile if not acted on and put into practice. Taking action on the habits and observing the results along the way is when the magic happens.

How long is the program?

If you've ever tried a 7-day cleanse or a 30-day total overhaul of your diet and felt immense pressure and anxiety when completely changing your diet in such a short period of time, that's because permanent lifestyle changes take time. This approach emphasizes progress, NOT perfection, so you can breathe easier.

Because of this, we offer two different length options:

  1. Year long program: The full program allows you to learn and practice 24 nutrition, recovery, and lifestyle habits over the course of 12 months to figure out, with support from your coach, how they work in your life with your schedule and your responsibilities.

  2. 6-month program: Sign up for half of the full program, learning and practicing 12 foundational nutrition, recovery, and lifestyle habits, with the option at the end to renew and complete the remaining 6 months of the program.

How often are new habits introduced?

The coaching program curriculum is powered by world renowned Precision Nutrition's ProCoach software which introduces a new habit or skill every two weeks. Through small daily actions you’ll work on each habit so that it sticks as you layer on the next one. Message your TDAE coach anytime through your personal dashboard if you think a habit needs to be scaled for you with a custom approach.

Some of the most important habits are revisited and others combine several previous habits into one so that you get a chance to continually improve, practice, and nail them consistently.

How do I learn about each new habit?

A daily email outlines your habit and supplemental tips with a link to access your personal online dashboard. The dashboard is where you read or listen to the audio version of these tips, and it also houses your habit trackers, coaching communications, measurements, photos, and progress records. If email isn’t for you, you can bookmark the dashboard link and sign on at your convenience with any internet accessible tablet, smartphone, or computer.

Each habit also comes with a TDAE FAQ that answers common questions to set you up for success. At any time you can communicate with your coach through the internal messaging system if other questions or concerns arise.

ProCoach Device Options.jpg

What sort of habits will i learn?

In this program, you'll practice:

  • Making changes stick and creating time for yourself

  • Tuning into your hunger and appetite cues

  • Adjusting your environment to promote progress

  • Using eating speed and mindfulness to your advantage

  • Consuming more fruits and vegetables

  • Eating nutritious sources of proteins, carbs, and fats

  • Incorporating more whole foods

  • Drinking fewer liquid calories

  • Meal planning and prepping like The Rock

  • Creating a sleep ritual to improve your Zzzzzs

  • Giving your kitchen a makeover

  • Recovery techniques

  • Handling cravings and breaking old habits

  • Decreasing and managing stress

  • Self-awareness with why you're eating- is it boredom, avoidance, stress, habit, or true hunger?

  • Examining your self-destructive eating patterns and attitude towards change

  • Doing a little better each week and letting go of your harsh inner critic

How am I held accountable to these habits?

There are several ways in which we both can see your compliance with the habits and daily reflections.

As you can see from the images below, you'll click on your daily habit indicating that ‘YES’ you made progress towards the habit or ‘NO’ you did not, and click at the end of each reflection that you’ve read it. It's designed to be simple.

ProCoach accountability clicks.jpg

In the 'Your Progress' section of the dashboard, you'll see something like the first image below for each daily lesson and habit.  

From your TDAE coach’s perspective, we see something like the second image below. If we notice you're having trouble on any specific habit, we can easily reach out, ask questions, and listen so that we can brainstorm and troubleshoot together.

Untitled collage.jpg

How is my progress measured?

Measurement options include full body photos, body circumference measurements, body weight and any additional measures of progress that are important to you.  

Measurement opportunities are offered every two weeks for body weight and tape measurements and at four weeks for comparison photos. Having a wide range of measurements allows multiple data points to reflect the bigger picture instead of solely relying on the scale. If you're not comfortable with these measurements of progress, you can opt out. There are many other ways to track lifestyle improvements.  Things like energy, habit compliance, quality of life, resilience to stress, self-confidence, clothing size, sleep quality, etc. can mean much more.

Measurement prompt procoach.png

What if I go on vacation?

If you'll be away without access to the internet and want to keep up with your reflections, just let us know beforehand and we can send you the lessons you'll miss so that you can save or print them.

Many of these habits can be practiced anywhere regardless of the foods available. If continuing your progress over vacation is something you want to try, we’ve got your back.

Can my company, family, friends or fantasy football team start our own private coaching group with you? 

Absolutely. Please email to get that started.

You had me at sustainable lifestyle changes! How do I sign up?

Enrollment opens for five consecutive days (Monday through Friday) once a month for our lifestyle nutrition coaching program. Refer to our page here for the next enrollment period and add yourself to the free wait list so that you’ll be emailed directly when our next enrollment kicks off.

If you’re interested in signing up as a group of 4 of more people at a time of your choosing, please email us at to discuss.

Did we miss anything?  

If you have other questions, please let me know and we'd be happy to answer them and add them to the list. 

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