Sport science & monitoring adds tremendous value to professional and elite teams and clubs

The Value We Provide

We can help with designing and implementing a monitoring program that is inclusive of the most important metrics to answer key questions and assess changes in performance with individual athletes as well as your team.  This is achieved through appropriate analysis and interpretation of the data.  

Further, we can provide informative reports, visualization and presentation of the data; and guidance and support in using the data and answering any further questions that may arise from the data findings in order to support more informed decision making for your organization.

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How we can help you

Performance and Injury Review

Our team will review and evaluate the current performance, injury, and coaching systems in place at the organization.  Based on our experience in professional sports, we will examine the efficacy of the current programs and provide solutions and strategies to address the primary issues impacting the organization. Further, we will help to modify and develop the current athlete monitoring system in place to help mitigate current issues from reoccurring in the future.

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Custom Athlete Monitoring Programming and Implementation

We work with your team/organization to develop a custom athlete monitoring program to allow your team the greatest chance of success.  By strategically designing a monitoring program that collects the most relevant data needed to inform training, performance, and rehabilitation decisions so that athletes have the lowest associated risk of preventable injuries while also maximizing their performance.  In addition to developing a custom program, we will up-skill staff on data collection and management.

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Athlete Monitoring and Sport Science

Given the demanding schedule and responsibilities working in a professional sport setting, it can be beneficial to have an experienced team dedicated to monitoring your athletes and providing data driven feedback to the organization.  We offer full time athlete monitoring development, implementation, and analysis to allow you to make more informed decisions based on custom data tailored to the needs of your athletes and organization without the burden of having to manage the monitoring process as an organization.

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Experience and research


Kaitlyn Weiss, TDAE's Sport Science and Research Coordinator is at the cutting edge of using sport science to drive performance gains.

She graduated from the Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Sport Science and Biomechanics in 2017. Graduated with Honors from Ball State University with a Master of Science in Exercise Science with a focus in Biomechanics in 2013. Graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2009. Current member of NSCA, SPRINZ, SKIPP, ISBS, and ISB. Holds the following certifications: NSCA CSCS, NASM PES, USAW Level 1, FMS, Precision Nutrition Level 1, and Balanced Body University Pilates Instructor.


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