TDAE Nutrition Coaching

Small, consistent, positive changes add up to big results over time 

Ready to become a healthier, stronger and fitter version of you?

Whether you are looking to fuel your training, manage your weight, or learn sustainable nutrition habits to gain control of your eating, we are here to help. TDAE Nutrition Coaching programs led by coach Ryan Healy can help you eat better, get moving, ditch the arbitrary black and white food rules, and achieve/maintain your goals. You are going to love what we can do to help you feel great and perform at your best!

Our Level 1 & 2 TDAE nutrition coaches are certified by world-renowned Precision Nutrition (PN). We utilize PN's ProCoach software to deliver a habit-based nutrition & lifestyle curriculum, focusing on one small step at a time with individual support and guidance so that you can make lasting changes.

Lifestyle Track

  • Eat better, consistently

  • Lose fat

  • Let go of confusing food rules

  • Manage stress and become more confident

  • Ditch the yo-yo diets

This 6-12 month transformation program designed to fit around your busy life through small daily actions to help you change your habits and progress sustainably over time.

Performance Track (coming soon)

  • Eat better, consistently

  • Accelerate your performance gains

  • Nutrition habits to support your training

  • Enhance your recovery

  • Nutrition strategies for competition day


New Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching cohorts open for enrollment on the first Monday of each month. To ensure that there is enough time to on-board your account before the start of a new session, please enroll by 12:00 noon on Friday of that same week. This will give you time to set up your account, read and complete the required intake forms before you start working on your first nutrition habit.

Enrollment Periods (2019)


Mon Oct 7 - Fri Oct 11
Mon Nov 4 - Fri Nov 8
Mon Dec 2 - Fri Dec 6

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