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The goal of this article is to serve as a complete 1-Leg RDL exercise progression guide, action-packed with 4 sections and 16 exercises in total. The 1-Leg RDL exercise can be a tricky one for most folks. This guide is meant to be simple and user-friendly.

Ultimately, we want to master the skill of hip hinging. Consider hinging at the hips akin to shifting your weight back behind you, as if upon an imaginary horizontal line at the waist (as opposed to bending a lot at the knees like you would in a squat pattern).

When executed properly, you'll feel the posterior chain (i.e., hamstrings and glutes) working. Essentially, this is a hip hinge.

Section 1

Target focus: build the bilateral (2-leg) hip hinge pattern and then load it with DB's.

1. MB Wall Hip Hinge

2. Cable Pull Through

3. DB Neutral Grip RDL


Section 2

Target focus: groove the “pseudo” unilateral (partially 1-leg) hip hinge pattern, otherwise known as "Kickstand", and then load it with DB's.

1. MB Wall Kickstand Hip Hinge

2. MB Band Kickstand Hip Hinge

3. DB Neutral Grip Kickstand RDL

4. DB Kickstand RDL

Section 3

Target focus: build the unilateral (1-leg) hip hinge pattern with a variety of low level loading in the form of MB's, cable resistance and resistance bands.

1. MB 1-Leg RDL

2. Cable 2-Arm 1-Leg RDL

3. Cable 1-Arm 1-Leg RDL

4. PVC Band 1-Leg RDL

Section 4

Target focus: continue building the unilateral (1-leg) hip hinge pattern and now load it with heavier resistance in the form of DB's, KB's and barbells.

1. DB 1-Leg RDL (2 DB’s)

2. KB 1-Leg RDL

3. KB Tempo 1-Leg RDL (Tempo: 3-Sec, 3-Sec, 3-Sec)

4. Barbell 1-Leg RDL

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