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Before we jump in here head first, let’s start by saying that the Turkish Get-Up (TGU) is a highly intricate, multifaceted exercise that demands mastery and ownership of each specific position from start to finish. It’s crucial to understand the fact that this is a highly-skilled movement that requires patience, effort and consistency over time.

The purpose of this post is to bring to light a simple progression format to follow, in order to slowly and progressively build up your TGU in a responsible way.

I doubt that we could all ever come to an agreement on ‘where’ the TGU belongs in a training program (i.e., warm-up, beginning of training, end of training, recovery, etc.). However, I am positive that we could all agree that it DEFINITELY belongs somewhere in training.

The TGU is important due to the fact that it helps to challenge the entire body (hips, trunk & shoulders) in terms of strength, motor control, balance, stability, coordination and timing/sequencing, which ultimately helps to increase body control and awareness in space. Basically, TGU for the win.

It's important to remember that the weight isn’t important right now; technique and mastery of each position reigns supreme. It’s important to own each movement and transition, in addition to breathing properly and controlling the tempo. Be sure to always hold the ‘bell as shown in the image before you watch the video.

Here is a complete list of progressions:

1. KB TGU to Elbow

2. KB TGU to Hand

3. KB TGU to Tripod

4. KB TGU to Half Kneel

5. KB TGU (Full)

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