Here's a 5 exercise total body workout for your #workoutwednesday:

1️⃣ Dumbbell Seal Rows: This exercise targets the upper back. It's key for good posture and healthy shoulders. Avoid pulling the elbows back too far. Pull so the elbows are just above body level. Shoot for 4 sets of 12 repetitions. 

2️⃣ Dumbbell Goblet Squat: This exercise targets the glutes, quads, and the core. It will help you to develop muscles that are important for jumping and landing. Avoid letting your tailbone tuck under you at the bottom of the squat. Keep your core engaged and chest facing front. Shoot for 4 sets of 15 repetitions. If you've been training with heavier squats, feel free to bump the weight up and go for 4 sets of 4-6 repetitions. 

3️⃣ Drop Jump to Squat Jump: This exercise pairs nicely with the goblet squat. It will help you to translate squat strength into jump and landing performance. Drop into the squat with your feet a bit outside shoulder-width. Land on the middle of your feet to avoid landing up on your toes or back on your heels. Shoot for 4 sets of 8 repetitions. 

4️⃣ Slow Down/Fast Up Push-Up: Slowing down the lowering phase of the push-up will help you to keep the form right. It will also let you get more time under tension on the muscles which increases muscle growth. This exercise targets the chest and triceps. Shoot for 4 sets of 12 repetitions. 

5️⃣ Front Plank with Alternating Reach: A challenging core exercise. It targets your front abs as well as your lateral obliques. Keep your body as still as possible while you reach. Engage your core and squeeze your glutes to get the most out of it. Shoot for 4 sets of 20 total reaches.


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Tim DiFrancesco, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS spent 6 seasons as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers and is the founder of TD Athletes Edge.  He is nationally renowned for his evidence-based and scientific approach to fitness, training, nutrition, and recovery for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

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