PART 5 of the #SingleLegStrength Training Series with @matthewibrahim_: Single Leg Hinge Progressions


The video above contains the following Single Leg Hinge Progressions:

1. Single Leg Glute Bridge

2. Single Leg Bench Hip Thrust

3. Split Stance ("B-Stance") RDL



The importance of possessing the ability to properly hinge at the hips while keeping a stable spine is a movement that all athletes and clients should work toward. Additionally, the ability to dissociate between the hips and the low back in movement and training helps to enhance performance, reduce the likelihood of injury, and build a strong foundation for long-term resilience. If we break the hip hinge pattern down into a single leg format, the final result provides valuable transfer into sport performance and longevity in your athletic endeavors. The hips and posterior chain muscles are a powerful group to build strength and explosiveness from, so it's important to incorporate this component into your training, especially from a single leg standpoint.



The important aspect in all three progressions here is to focus on keeping a stable spine and active core. A simple concept to keep in mind is to imagine performing an RKC Plank and feeling what that exercise is like with respect to your core and spine. Now, once you have that concept in your mind's eye, use that in each of the three exercises mentioned. This will help to keep your low back stable, while having a strong foundation to work from. For the first two exercises, focus your efforts on single leg drive into the floor. Make sure to press the entire surface of your working leg's foot directly into the floor. Lastly, in the third exercise, it's important to predominantly load the front (working) foot with most of your body weight, and only load the back (assisting) foot with a small portion of your body weight for added stability. This third exercise serves as a regression from the traditional Single Leg RDL exercise that we will see in PART 6 in Thursday's post.


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