Our objective with this podcast is to present you with simple and effective lifestyle changes that will help you optimize your daily performance. 

We base the show on the aggregate of marginal gains approach where in order to achieve great results, one makes numerous small changes. 

I am your host, Scott DiFrancesco, and alongside my brother Tim, this episode we welcome expert Sport Sleep Coach, Nick Littlehales!

We discuss how the “8 hours” is a myth, how naps are recharge sessions for optimal performers, and AMers vs PMers. Do yourself a favor and GET THE BOOK!

Show Notes

  • Do we actually need 8 hours of sleep????
  • the 90-minute Sleep Cycle
  • why 1 sleep session / day isn’t optimal
  • how Nick related his passion to professional footballers (soccer players)
  • demands are different for todays human being & it’s affected sleep patterns
  • how the invention of the light bulb & daylight savings affected human beings and their sleep
  • what coaches can do to maximize the production of their athletes
  • are you and AMer or PMer?
  • are 70% of your players only 20% switched on?
  • How serotonin, melatonin, & blue light relate to each other
  • Using amber light at the end of the night can improve your sleep
  • Naps, aka CRP’s, aka Recharge-20’s — your best “new” recovery tool
  • How to adjust your sleep environment 
  • Moving from warm to cool to sleep better
  • Do you sleep in total darkness?
  • Have kids???? This book is gold!

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Nick’s links:
Web: https://sportsleepcoach.co.uk
Twitter:  @sportsleepcoach

Nourish properly, train better, recover faster. Perform optimally.

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Scott DiFrancesco ATC, CSCS, SASTM spent 6 seasons as a Minor League Head Athletic Trainer in the New York Yankees organization, finishing in Double-A with the Trenton Thunder. His most proud accomplishment as a Yankee was being a member of the 2013 Eastern League Champions - Trenton Thunder. He is renowned for his evidence-based and scientific approach to fitness, training, nutrition, and recovery for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Scott begins his pursuit of becoming an Osteopathic Physician in August of 2017 at NYIT in Old Westbury, NY.

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