Here’s a great upper back and triceps strengthening exercise.

🔥 This will give you a great burn and build endurance in your upper back and triceps. You can do high repetition ranges on this to generate a long duration set.

🤸‍♀️ The benefit of a long set here is to build strength and endurance in your hinge position. This can be very helpful in promoting low back health and durability in addition to a strong upper back.

🎯 Shoot for 2-4 sets of 12-30 repetitions.

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Tim DiFrancesco, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS spent 6 seasons as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers and is the founder of TD Athletes Edge.  He is nationally renowned for his evidence-based and scientific approach to fitness, training, nutrition, and recovery for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

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