Today's Edge: Progress your front planks by adding a reach. 

The Front Plank with Alternating Reach is a challenging core exercise that targets the anterior abdominals (rectus abdominis) as well as the obliques. It requires core stabilization to avoid tipping over during each reach. It also requires stability from the shoulder and scapula to support the body while the opposite arm is in the reach. 

Keep the chin tucked in a double chin position. Maintain a short core. In other words, keep the line short between your belly button and your ribs. Squeeze the glutes tight throughout the set. Your hips will shift slightly from side to side when you reach but work to keep them as still as possible. Push the chest as far away from the floor as possible. This will help you to avoid sagging or hanging on your shoulders. 

Use this as a core exercise paired with a grip dominant exercise. It's also great as a focus within a core specific workout. You can also use this as a warm-up given that it will fire up your glutes, core, and upper body. Shoot for 2-4 sets of 8-20 reaches.

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Tim DiFrancesco, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS spent 6 seasons as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers and founder of TD Athletes Edge.  He is nationally renowned for his evidence-based and scientific approach to fitness, training, nutrition, and recovery for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

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