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Stop bastardizing balance work. I roll my eyes when I see people attempting to train for better balance as if they're a seal in a circus. This isn't training it's shenanigans. Balance comes from strength. You're better off training for balance on a stable surface and using external forces, actions, or tools to challenge your neuromuscular system. 

The Single Leg Deadlift with Medicine Ball Rotation is a great way to train single leg balance the right way. This exercise will challenge your single leg balance in a functional position while your upper body is active. This is what happens in sport and performance.

Move the ball across your chest instead of rotating your chest or upper body. If you notice your foot gripping and clinging to hang on in the bottom of your shoe, work to keep your foot still or quiet. Keep your stance leg knee from caving in or moving side to side.

This is a great warm-up for any workout. It can also serve as part of a balance and core specific workout. Shoot for 2-4 sets of 8-20 medicine ball rotations on each leg.

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Tim DiFrancesco, PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS is the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers and founder of TD Athletes Edge.  He is nationally renowned for his evidence-based and scientific approach to fitness, training, nutrition, and recovery for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

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