When I tweeted about the 3 things I should've done more of in PT school and listed "explore entrepreneurship," here are some of the specific, cheap and easy ways physical therapy students, or students in any field can explore entrepreneurship:

1. Identify why this path is your path of passion - this is your story.

2. Tell your story and convey your passion in everything you do - people will be attracted to this. The people you attract ultimately become your community.

3. Be responsibly active on social media. This isn't about making sure you're generating all kinds of content and posting all over the place. Especially early on, it's important to listen and observe. The #1 reason to be involved or present on various social media platforms as a student is to learn the language of the natives. You need to understand the landscape, what people are saying, what people like/don't like, acceptable or preferred behaviors, and generally how the field works. Whether you enjoy being on them or not, social media platforms will be valuable for you as an entrepreneur at some point. Keep in mind that everything you put out there will have eyes on it and lives on the internet forever - make sure what you generate represents you and your message accurately/favorably.

4. Develop an eye for content. There is content all around you, all of the time but it takes a trained eye to be on the lookout for it and recognize it. Content is currency for an entrepreneur. It is one of the primary ways you will offer value to your community; it's how you share your story, message, and thought leadership. On top of that, every publication or online platform is looking for sources of quality content. If you can produce regular quality content, you will immediately be of value to many publications/platforms that will bring you exposure and a larger reach for telling your story.

5. Write. Entrepreneurship hinges on strong communication skills. You need to be able to convey your message and value proposition to your community in a way that makes them want to keep coming back for more and tell their friends. Developing the skill of writing is a great way to do this. On top of that, writing on industry topics is a powerful way to learn and build your own knowledge on the topic and in the field. This doesn't mean you have to publish everything or anything that you writ. You don't need to become a good enough writer to get hired by the New York Times but as an entrepreneur, you'll want to hone the skills of writing.


Stay tuned for Part 2...

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