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This is your mouse on soybean oil: 

Chronic overconsumption of sugar will stop any attempts at good health dead in their tracks. The scary part is that sugar is everywhere in today's diet but soybean oil is also nearly inescapable and even more sinister!

The common oil that science now shows is worse than sugar

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Ligaments love resistance training too. 

It's no secret that muscle tissue becomes more robust in response to responsible resistance training. Here's a great research abstract to remind us how lifting weights may help our ligaments gain strength too: 

The exercise-induced biochemical milieu enhances collagen content and tensile strength of engineered ligaments

Be a teacher of skills, not drills. 

Lee Taft is known as one of the top athletic development coaches out there. He recently wrote a post about how development of athleticism requires skill mastery, not just drill mastery. I believe that this is one of the main areas being missed in youth sports today. Kids are being taught athletic drills without any guidance on specific athletic skills. Moving the body with precision is a skill that must be repeated with accuracy if performance improvements/results are expected. Lee digs into this concept here: 

Anatomy of a Speed Drill - Lee Taft 

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Today's athlete is struggling to stay durable. 

In the final 2 parts of my 3-part post on why durability is elusive for today's athlete, I exposed the flaws in today's training environment that are leaving athletes susceptible to injury. Additionally I posed solutions to this dilemma: 

The #1 Reason That Durability is Elusive for Today's Athlete (Part 2)

The #1 Reason That Durability is Elusive for Today's Athlete (Part 3)

Do we have fat taste buds? 

Research suggesting that we have the ability to identify the taste of fat in addition to the other primary tastes (sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami) is intriguing.

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Attack of the "Dad Bod." 

If you're a dad and the jelly bellied, flat chested, skinny armed, cropped butt look has snuck up on you, you're not alone. Of course if you're showcasing "Dad Bod" by design and with pride then ignore the below and stay "strong" my brother! For any "Dad Bod" club members who are looking for a way out of the club here are a few evidence-based tricks to squash it:

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Always a pleasure to talk shop with podcast pro and good friend Glenn Whitney on We discussed everything from the goblet squat to why youth athletes are being set up for injury failure: 

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The Primal Endurance Podcast is hosted by our primal pal Brad Kearns. Brad and I talked about how to minimize screen time for better sleep, napping and other tricks to help maximize performance despite a busy schedule:

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Eat saturated fat to eat healthy: Learn about how responsible consumption of healthy saturated fat strengthens bones, boosts brain function and bolsters the immune system. Dr. Michael Eades and Dr. Mary Eades guest posted about this topic on the Four Hour Work Week blog back in 2009, but the information is just as valuable today: 

7 Reasons to Eat More Saturated Fat


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