If you are in the Boston area, TD Athletes Edge is ready to help you achieve your performance and fitness goals.


Every client of TD Athletes Edge receives a detailed 60-minute movement and performance assessment. This initial assessment determines the road map for designing an individualized training program for each client.



Our training model is unique in the market. Custom coaching allows us to guide and educate each client through an individualized training program handcrafted specifically for them. This custom coaching training model encourages clients to take control and gain independence in their training and fitness journey. This is not traditional group training. Our custom coaching model will always consist of a 1:4 coach-to-client ratio during each 60-minute training session.


When enrolling in the custom coaching model, each client commits to a 4-week block of training. Prior to your first session, you will choose whether to commit to 1, 2 or 3 workouts per week. With this in mind, we design your individualized training program accordingly. Payment will be collected following the first training session of your 4-week block.


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If you are serious about your training at ANY level (maybe you are training for an event or you want to get/stay fit and strong with a limitation or injury) and seek a qualified and committed team to handicraft your vision, TD Athlete’s Edge is your brass ring. A veteran fitness fan, I’ve belonged to some of the “best” gyms in my time and have had more than one personal trainer. At TDAE though I’ve never had such committed and empowering attention in a semi private training form. I’m learning new ways and approaches to building and maintaining strength as part of an ALL levels team. Yes, it IS like a team at TDAE (google their background) Tim, Matt and Jess are so knowledgeable and did I mention the upbeat environment?
— Allison D.
Never thought I would like or benefit from training. Tried a couple other trainers and was not motivated to do more than 2 sessions. This is different. Great trainers combined with lots of equipment and other fun people creates a stimulating atmosphere at a price lower than most other trainers. The results, however, are what keep me going back. I feel stronger and healthier. I am no longer hurting my back. Also, I am told that I look better.
— Andrew B.

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